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You Naughty Spies

29th January 2014 Paul 0

I’d like to share statistics that I recently discovered after installing the Ghostery privacy tool, used for finding and blocking trackers on websites.There’s been a lot in the news about Edward Snowden and his information […]

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Have You Had An Illness That Wasn’t Your Fault?

14th November 2012 Paul 0

Scientific advance that is certain to be exploited by ambulance-chasing lawyers: DNA sequencing of MRSA used to stop outbreak. This is the beginning of the story that I’ve been predicting for years. Thanks to the […]

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New Flag For Old

12th February 2012 Paul 0

Replace the Scottish Blue with the Welsh Green? It has a certain ‘freshness’ about it. I don’t think it works as well on a tie, but the new flag is actually much better than the […]

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Europe – What’s the point?

12th December 2011 Paul 0

I have always believed that the EU and the Euro are simply ego trips for a few Northern European politicians, their desire for a legacy. For Southern and Eastern Europeans the EU and Euro are […]

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