Avoiding Swine Flu: A Lesson From The Porn Industry

A couple of years ago I damaged my right hand trying to hold open the door of a London Underground train. For about 18 months I was unable to shake hands, especially with Americans. I just happened to be reading the autobiography of Ron Jeremy, legenday porn star, at the time, a book I would very highly recommend, in which he mentioned the “porn handshake.” Apparently, and I emphasise that I only have his word for this, that when two porn stars meet on set instead of shaking hands, for who knows where those hands have been, they touch right elbow to right elbow. So I started doing this, because of my damaged hand, and for a while this became known as the “quant handshake.” It only really caught on within a very small circle and then died out.

Time to bring it back for the general population…


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