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New York Times: Militarization of America's Police


Trading Places: Eddie Murphy Learns the Basics of the Commodities Markets

R.I.P. Actor Robin Williams


Robin McLaurin Williams[3][4] (July 21, 1951[5] – August 11, 2014) was an American actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian. Rising to fame with his role as the alien Mork in the TV series Mork & Mindy (1978-1982), Williams went on to establish a successful career in both stand-up comedy and feature film acting.


Mr. Williams' film career included such acclaimed films as 


He also appeared in the video to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrinNominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times, Williams went on to receive the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Good Will Hunting (1997). He also received two Emmy Awards, fourGolden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and five Grammy Awards.[6][7]

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FrackNation (movie trailer)



During a time of globally heightened debate, Journalist Phelim McAleer travels across the U.S. and Europe to speak with scientists and Americans living in fracking areas, in order to uncover the science behind the process and to determine its true consequences.


Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," refers to the process of drilling down into rock and using pressurized fluids to extract energy sources such as natural gas and petroleum. 

  • Supporters of fracking state the economic benefit to the U.S. is great and that the process has rigorous standards by which it operates.
  • Opponents of fracking voice concerns about contamination to ground water and land surface, as well as other environmental issues.
  • Join McAleer is on the search for the fracking truth.

US Sanctions Against Russia Backfire Economically: BRICS BANK, BRICS FOOD BANK


Despite President Obama’s dictating that Russia is increasingly “isolated,” it appears they have found a whole new set of friends to play with in the global trade sandpit.

In retaliation to Western sanctions, Putin yesterday unveiled a total food import ban from all sanctioning nations, and, just as the BRICS created their own ‘IMF-lite’ away from Washington’s prying eyes, Russia plans to substitute banned goods with not just domestic supplies but imports from Latin America, China, and several other nations. Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fedorov said “no food shortages are expected,” but more isolation for the West…

Russia is already turning away trucks at the border and cancelling orders (as FruitNet reports)...


Food ban doesn’t apply to Switzerland

Russians won’t feel dramatic changes, incl. in restaurants; “bon appetit” to all, Fedorov says

  • Russia can replace meat importsfrom U.S., EU, Canada, Australia with supplies from Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Belarus

  • Russia will try to replace Norwegianred fish with domestic supplies, shipments from other countries

  • Country consumes 2.345m mt ofbeef/yr, incl. 59kt from 5 banned suppliers

  • Pork: consumption 3.415m t/yr total vs 450kt from 5 sanctioned suppliers

  • Poultry: 4.28m t/yr total vs 338kt from banned countries

  • Fish: 3.44m t/yr total vs 457kt from banned countries

  • Dairy: ~36m t/yr total vs 459kt; cheese, butter, powdered milk can be imported from South America, New Zealand

  • Vegetables: 16m t/yr vs 900kt; subsitutions possible from Turkey, Argentina, Chile, China, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan

  • Fruits and berries: 11m t/yr vs 1.6m t; apples, pears can be imported from Argentina, Chile, China, Serbia; cherry, apricots, peaches from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Israel, Turkey, Iran; citrus from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa

*  *  *

Seems like once again, US sanctions have forced retaliation from Russia that economically impacts the US (and European) economies – just like Jack Lew said it would not…

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New Orleans Saints Beat the St. Louis Rams 26-24 Another "Iris Mack Warned Larry Summers About Derivatives" Article...

Summers Debate With Hubbard At Steve Cohen’s House Missed Key Points

by Mark Melin

Sure appears as though Larry Summers likes ordering around women and when he is told no he gets aggressively mad.

Larry Summers

Summers’ debate with Hubbard

Summers was the flashpoint of a recent closed door debate with the conservative dean of Columbia University’s business school, Glen Hubbard. The private event, hosted at the Greenwich, CT mansion of well known hedge fund executive Steve Cohen and reported by Fox Business News, covered financial reform, “Obamacare” and taxes – but likely avoided the real issues that matter in Summers’ past.

But on this night Summers wasn’t shy about displaying his personality by doing something rarely done to male Federal Reserve Chairmen. Summers, a stalwart of the big banking elite from the start of derivatives deregulation in 1998, was openly critical of the sitting Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen, calling out her recent comments that certain sectors of the stock market may be in a bit of a bubble.

Summers didn’t need to call out Yellen’s encroachment into stock picking territory – it had been well covered and generally acknowledged as a misstep. The question is would the man who was turned down as Fed Chairman in favor of Yellen have done that to a man?

Summers never publicly called out former Fed bosses Ben Bernanke or Alan Greenspan despite their much more serious missteps? Were his vocal cords not working when the Fed Chaimmen made what are publicly documented mistakes?

Is a different standard at play?

Consider that Summers wanted to manage interest rates at the Fed, but had no clue about interest rate direction. But what’s even worse, he was warned.

Summers humiliated Brooksley Born

We could highlight the obvious Brooksley Born hit. This is where Summers is documented to have worked at the reported behest of the largest banks to remove Born in humiliating fashion as CFTC Chairwoman because she only asked for information on the unregulated derivatives that would ultimately blow up the economy.

Summers was said to have treated Born in a demeaning fashion, which is the polite language for what actually happened.

But that’s the easy story to tell.

Perhaps the more significant story is to put the proper frame around the man who can be considered a responsible for the derivatives disasters of past, present and future is his time spent at Harvard University working as a trader… er… I mean school president.  During his tenure Summers was credited with losing $1.8 billions on wrong way derivatives trades – on interest rates.

Consider that Summers wanted to manage interest rates at the Fed, but had no clue about interest rate direction. But what’s even worse, he was warned.

Dr. Iris Mack, now a well-known derivatives expert teaching at Tulane University, was an up and coming derivatives wiz kid in a very unusual sense.  She is smart, beautiful, African-American woman – a triple whammy in the clubby derivatives industry, where both females and African-Americans are in short supply among the trading ranks.

But it was Mack who warned Summers about his impending derivatives implosion with Harvard’s money. It was a logical warning, backed by mathematical analysis and exposure ratios, according to sources involved in the incident.

But the advice was ignored. Perhaps it was because she was female the risk management discussion was avoided, perhaps it was the color of her skin, or perhaps Summers just couldn’t believe that unregulated derivatives, the backbone of his existence, could betray him.  Who knows. Getting into a traders head during a derivatives implosion is a scary place.

Summers lashes back on risk management discussion

What is clear is that Summers didn’t just politely ignore the risk management discussion.  He lashed back, giving Mack a beatdown that appeared to go past the humiliation felt by Born.

Mack recovered and went on to form, a math and financial literacy educational organization,  in-between international assignments, book writing and teaching.

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Job Fairs in Texas & Louisiana: Oil, Gas, & Energy


Houston, Texas: Omni Houston Hotel Westside

13210 Katy Freeway 
Houston, TX 77079 
August 8, 2014 
Please learn more here.

Lafayette, Louisiana: CAJUNDOME Convention Center

444 Cajundome Blvd.
Lafayette, LA 70506 
August 21, 2014 
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Note: Image courtesy of the USGS.

Energy Jobs....beaucoup!



Commercial Energy Advisor: ERCOT  PJM – NY 
(Remote home office)

Best-in-class leadership and resources provides exceptional compensation opportunity.

Client is an Energy Consultant…the Commercial Energy Advisor (CEA) offers personalized energy consulting, electricity/gas procurement, to end users by navigating through the complex energy markets. The CEA develops forecasts and creates strategies that are customized to each of our clients’ needs, leveraging market intelligence and monitoring with world class resources.

We are seeking an overachieving sales consultant with a high energy IQ and remote independence and B2B selling. CEA will be responsible for developing a diverse portfolio of commercial customers across North America, no market jurisdiction, CEA is eligible to sell across competitive markets. Daily responsibilities will include developing contacts, pursuing leads, building a book of mid/large-sized commercial and industrial clients.

Ideal candidates will have extensive sales experience, including an existing background in the energy space, be comfortable procuring and pitching consulting services to executives and other leaders of commercial and industrial businesses, and a history of demonstrated success exceeding sales quotas at the commercial level.

For confidential consideration e-mail résumé to AND call Scott Brownholtz directly for an intro@ 916-649-3200.




NRG, a Fortune 250 company, is leading a customer-driven change in the U.S. energy industry by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices, while building on the strength of the nation’s largest and most diverse competitive power portfolio. 

Director of Load Analytics

Based in Houston, TX, our Director of Load Analytics position will be responsible for NRG’s entire retail and wholesale load forecasting operations. Oversight will include supporting all  load forecasting activities for revenue generating, costing, trading, and supply organizations across multiple markets and focus on load impacting industry/market trends, driving work streams to incorporate these changes to reduce load and earnings variability.

Qualified candidates will have 10+ years’ experience, 5+ years in energy (electricity preferred); managerial experience; load forecasting and mass markets retail electricity experience preferred.

For more information or to apply follow this link:

NRG Energy is committed to a drug and alcohol free workplace. To the extent permitted by law and any applicable collective bargaining agreement, employees are subject to periodic random drug testing, and post-accident and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing.
• EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability
• Level, Title and/or Salary may be adjusted based on the applicant’s experience or skills.
• Official description on file with Human Resources

Commercial Operations Programmer

Based in Princeton, NJ, this role is responsible for data analysis and data management for NRG’s Structuring and Transmission Group.  Activities include data analysis and management as well as designing and implementing tools for traders and Structuring.  Initial focus will be on transmission modeling and FTR trading activities.  The position requires power market experience, strong programming skills, and the ability meet strict deadlines.

Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree required with major in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Engineering is preferred. Power Market experience required.

Experience with designing, developing, and supporting complex analytical systems.

  • Must have database expertise and expertise with data extraction techniques utilizing SQL, SAS, VB, or similar methods.

  • Must have expertise in automation techniques for data gathering and management.

  • Advanced knowledge of Excel spreadsheets (macros, custom functions, VBA, etc.).

  • Knowledge of energy modeling of software such as Dayzer, UPLAN, Henwood, Promod a strong plus.

?For more information or to apply follow this link:

NRG Energy is committed to a drug and alcohol free workplace. To the extent permitted by law and any applicable collective bargaining agreement, employees are subject to periodic random drug testing, and post-accident and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing.
• EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability
• Level, Title and/or Salary may be adjusted based on the applicant’s experience or skills.
• Official description on file with Human Resources




ACES provides a broad suite of energy trading and risk management services. ACES has the following exciting opportunities available.

Quantitative Analyst
This position will be responsible for the development, maintenance, and enhancement of portfolio optimization and risk models.  Additionally, the analyst will interact with internal groups to identify client portfolio risk exposures and develop hedging strategies that support business objectives.  This position requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in an appropriate discipline with experience in power system operations, wholesale energy transactions, trading and asset structuring, finance or quantitative study, and a minimum of 1 year of experience.

Hourly Trader
Interested in a fast paced exciting career? ACES is an established company looking for driven individuals to optimize assets and maintain reliability on our Trading Desks. ACES has current openings in Benson, AZ, Carmel, IN and Raleigh, NC.

TO APPLY please visit




Power Analyst
Closing Date/Time:  Tues. 08/26/14 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time
Salary:  $91,145.60 – $116,854.40 Annually
Location:  Tacoma, WA

Power Management's Resource Operations and Trading group is seeking a Power Analyst to provide technical expertise and support for the analysis and optimization of the resource operations plans and trading strategies. The position attends internal and regional coordination meetings, prepares responses to data requests, provides support on reliability compliance matters, and maintains the efficiency of the group's analytical tools.

Responsibilities include:
Provide management of the Near-Term resource operations and optimization of Tacoma Power’s resource portfolio through efficient, reliable dispatch of generation resources to maximize wholesale energy sales revenue and minimize wholesale energy purchases, in compliance with contractual obligations, regional reliability standards and hydroelectric project license requirements.

Provide operations plans for optimal resource operations to maximize the value of the resource portfolio. This includes preparing an analysis for the management of generation plans based on current and forward market conditions, current and forecast hydrologic conditions, current and forecast loads, unit availability and unit efficiency.

Provide operations plans that assure Tacoma Power's hydroelectric projects are operated in compliance with FERC license and other federal and state regulatory requirements and regional reliability standards, including: maximum reservoir levels for flood control, minimum flows for fisheries, river ramping, restrictions, minimum reservoir levels for recreation, adequate spinning and non-spinning operating reserves.

Provide guidance to the near-term trader, real-time traders, pre-schedules, and after-the-fact accounting staff in planning, operating, optimizing Tacoma Power's resource portfolio. Actively participate in the daily strategy meetings between resource operations, analysts, day-ahead trading, real-time trading and term trading staff.

Enhance the development of in-house tools and models to assist with resource optimization, water management, unit efficiency, resource constraints and regulatory requirements. Keep apprised of technological advances to maintain and continually improve the tools and models.

Provide planning and guidance for operations, optimization and scheduling of the BPA Slice Contract.

Provide one-on-one training to the Real-Time traders on the Slice Enterprise system and support them with technical expertise in resolving issues within the Slice optimization and promotion process.

Provide feasible operations plans developed to optimize the resource portfolio, maximize revenue, compliant with contractual obligations, regional reliability standards and hydroelectric project requirements.

Lead monthly operations planning meeting for Power Management staff. Provide operations plan scenarios, report current conditions, inflow forecasts, outage schedule, and hydroelectric project requirements.

Analyze and report specific load and operations scenarios as needed. Present to the forward sales committee.

Calibrate, maintain, and operate decision support system, including initial setup of key variables defining the attributes and constraints of Tacoma's resource portfolio, scrutinize model output to assure the system is accurately simulating the resource operations, incorporate output into other planning, operations, and trading tools

Enhance the development of tools and models to assist with resource optimization, water management, unit efficiency, resource constraints, and regulatory requirements. Keep apprised of technological advances to maintain and continually improve the tools and models.

Collaborative member of the Tacoma Power Hedging Team, developing, deliberating and recommending forward sales strategies.

Represent Resource Operations Trading group's interests in work groups spanning multiple Tacoma Power sections.


  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, economics, pre-law or related field along with a minimum of six years' increasingly responsible experience with an electric utility in system design and operations, planning or engineering economics including one year in a lead or supervisory capacity.

Knowledge of:

  • Hydroelectric and thermal generation, transmission and distribution facilities interconnected regional electric utility systems.

  • Modern engineering principles for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Principles of portfolio management, as applicable to power supply.

  • Principles of economic analysis.

  • Information technology systems design and development NERC/WECC reliability standards and applicability to Tacoma Power's resource operations and trading functions.


  • Computer applications and database proficiency.

  • Written communications, including efficient use of computer and information technology.

  • Verbal communications, including formal presentations.

  • Problem solving, particularly the conceptualization and development of an appropriate analytical framework.

Ability to:

  • Understand ongoing events in the electric utility industry and quantify the impacts to Tacoma Power.

  • Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.

  • Integrate information from various sources and develop solutions that effectively satisfy competing objectives.

  • Plan and organize work. Manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines.

  • Participate assist and when appropriate lead a highly effective work team.

  • Build a strong sense of teamwork and purpose within work groups.

  • Clearly communicate, orally and in writing, complex or contentious issues.

  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships across the Light Division.

  • Administer contracts and communicate with vendors.

  • Independently coordinate and facilitate discussions between work groups to resolve technical problems requiring diverse knowledge areas.

Non-Technical Skills and Behaviors:

  • Act with integrity.

  • Build relationships with people at all levels across the organization.

  • Listen effectively.

  • Communicate effectively.

  • Anticipate problems, notice trends and develop plans in advance to prepare for opportunities or problems.

  • Think analytically and make sound decisions.

  • Understand and apply technology to improve the operation.

  • Manage change and innovation.

  • Promote teamwork.

Interested individuals should apply online at and attach a detailed resume and cover letter that includes job experience, major responsibilities and accomplishments related to this position. Applicants whose backgrounds most closely reflect the current needs of the department may be invited to participate in an interview. Reference checks will be conducted on final candidates and appointment is subject to passing a background check.

Communication from the City of Tacoma:
We primarily communicate via e-mail during the application process. E-mails and/or must be placed on your safe domain list to ensure that you receive notifications in a timely manner. As a precaution, you may also want to check your junk e-mail folders.

If you have any additional questions regarding this position, please contact the Human Resources Department at 253.591.5400 before the closing date.




At Puget Sound Energy (PSE) we have a long tradition of service, and an exciting and innovative future ahead!  Consider PSE for the next step in your career.

Consulting Risk Control and Credit Analyst or Below #84147

Puget Sound Energy’s Energy Risk Control Department is looking for a Consulting Risk Control and Credit Analyst or below, depending on experience, to join our team.  This role is responsible for implementing, reviewing, and improving risk control and credit management policies and processes for consistency with the organization's governance structure.  They will also be taking a leadership role in managing departmental projects. 

This is an excellent opportunity to play an integral role within PSE to help us better serve the environment, our customers and the communities in which they live. PSE provides an environment where all employees are valued, respected and provided with the opportunity to achieve maximum performance. We offer a comprehensive pay package that includes competitive compensation, annual goals-based incentive bonuses, comprehensive cafeteria-style benefits, 401(K), a company paid retirement pension plan and an employee assistance and wellness program. Gain the energy to do great things through a career with Puget Sound Energy! 


  • Reviews, validates and maintains valuation models used to forecast generation asset output, load needs, option valuation, and credit exposure.  Assets include hydroelectric plants, thermal plants, wind units, gas storage, and derivative commodity contracts. 

  • Works with front office, external vendors, and IT support to develop improved reporting across the department.  Takes a leadership role in resolving anomalies associated with the energy risk and trading platforms.

  • Works with Energy Trading, Power Costs, Energy and Derivative Accounting, and other groups to develop new reports aligned with the Risk Policy and Integrated Strategic Plan.

  • Analyzes available data related to existing risk performance metrics.  Recommends new performance metrics and works with other members of mid-office, back-office, front-office, IT, and other stakeholder groups to move from design board to production.  Assists with incorporating an enterprise-wide view of risks.

  • Reviews and develops recommendations to ensure commodity risk governance is implemented successfully within the organization.  Works with legal, front-office, mid-office, and senior management to develop recommendations that lead to adoption of formal company policies that drive governance decisions.

  • Takes a leadership role in managing departmental projects such as integration of new energy risk trading platforms, development of policies and procedures in response to new regulatory requirements, validation of valuation models, evaluation of new credit management tools, development of new reporting processes, and validation of price curves.  Identifies project scope, determines deliverable requirements, internal and external resource requirements, and expected timeframe in order to achieve intermediate and final milestones. Develops an understanding of PSE's businesses and how daily operational tasks conducted in Risk Control and Credit contribute to the businesses.  Functions as a communication bridge between front and back office.

  • Provides ad hoc reporting as required.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, science, finance, or technically/commercially related field, or equivalent combination of education and relevant work experience.

  • 7 years relevant experience for the consulting level (such as risk control, analytics, reporting, modeling, and credit experience).

  • Strong knowledge and proficiency in applying portfolio risk measures and probability distribution concepts.

  • Strong database, spreadsheet and reporting skills including the ability to write queries and macros, build pivot tables and develop OLAP reports.

  • Self-motivated and high attention to detail with a bias for delivering a flawless product. 

  • Demonstrated problem solving, planning, analytical and/or consulting skills. 

  • Strong oral and written communication skills and ability to use MS PowerPoint effectively. 

  • Prior project management experience.


  • 7 years of relevant experience (such as risk control governance, portfolio analytics, or credit management experience).

  • Strong database, spreadsheet, and reporting skills.

  • Proficiency in applying quantitative methods to solve problems.

  • Strong written, oral, and presentation skills (proficient with MS Powerpoint).

  • Project management experience.

  • Strong understanding of commodity trading instruments.

  • Master’s degree in engineering, math, science or finance.

  • Strong understanding of, energy markets, portfolio risk management concepts and commodity trading instruments including financial derivatives.

  • Familiarity with quality management principles.

  • Detailed knowledge of portfolio risk calculations, including Value at Risk, marginal risk analysis, stochastic modeling concepts, and applied probability distribution methods.

  • Knowledge of process design, re-engineering, and requirements documentation methodologies.

  • Proficiency in applying quantitative methods (regression analysis, time-series analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, linear and non-linear optimization).

  • Programming proficiency in one or more of the following:  Assembly, procedural language (such as C), object-oriented (such as java, C++, C#), LISP, Prolog, data management (SQL, XML).

This position will be filled as a Consulting Risk Control and Credit Analyst, Senior Risk Control and Credit Analyst or Risk Control and Credit Analyst depending on the qualifications of the selected candidate.

PSE is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, protected veteran status, disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law. We encourage persons of diverse backgrounds to apply.

Should you have a disability that requires assistance and/or reasonable accommodation with the job application process, please contact the Human Resources Staffing department at or 425-462-3017.

Please apply online to Job #84147 at




Business Development Retail Power – IL/OH

Prospecting and selling electricity/natural gas/DR and other energy services into the Illinois & Ohio commercial and industrial markets. Client is expanding their competitive footprint so critical opportunity to capture market share and earn commissions on personal production! Proven leadership, competitive products and services, fresh, new and exciting story in the retail energy market.

As a Business Development Manager, you will be responsible for prospecting new business opportunities, presenting company services, lead generation, qualifying, and aggressively closing new sales.

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Companies Hiring in Louisiana


New career opportunities are available in Louisiana - recently named one of the top ten most entrepreneurial states in America by CNN Money

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