Trading Report: What Is Making Wall Street Nervous?

Why are some of the biggest names in the corporate world unloading stock like there is no tomorrow, and why are some of the most prominent investors on Wall Street loudly warning about the possibility of a market crash? Should we be alarmed that the big dogs on Wall Street are starting to get very nervous?

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Trading Report: Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Soon…

by Michael Snyder

Why are corporate insiders dumping huge numbers of shares in their own companies right now? Why are some very large investors suddenly making gigantic bets that the stock market will crash at some point in the next 60 days? Do Wall Street insiders expect something really BIG to happen very soon? Do they know something that we do not know? What you are about to read below is startling. Every time that the market has fallen in recent years, insiders have been able to get out ahead of time. David Coleman of the Vickers Weekly Insider report recently notedthat Wall Street insiders have shown “a remarkable ability of late to identify both market peaks and troughs”. That is why it is so alarming that corporate insiders are selling nine times as many shares as they are buying right now. In addition, some extraordinarily large bets have just been made that will only pay off if the financial markets in the U.S. crash by the end of April. So what does all of this mean? Well, it could mean absolutely nothing or it could mean that there are people out there that actually have insider knowledge that a market crash is coming.

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Return of the Mack @ KKR (video)

John Mack, whose aggressiveness and affinity for cost cutting as chief executive at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse earned him the nickname “Mack the Knife” on Wall Street, has become the latest industry grandee to join Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. as a senior adviser.

Harvard Professor Harry Lewis Calls for Bob Rubin to Resign From Harvard Board

Dr. Harry Lewis - Harvard Computer Science Professor and former Dean of Harvard College - writes:

"Harvard has changed a lot since Larry Summers became president barely a decade ago. But some things never change. Unfortunately, one of those things is that Bob Rubin is still a Fellow--that is, a member of the small governing board that is the legal Harvard Corporation, the President and Fellows of Harvard College...

It took very little to remove Pug Winokur from the Harvard Corporation when Enron got in trouble. To what, except having friends in all the right places, can we attribute the fact that Bob Rubin continues to be one of Harvard's legal fiduciaries? Can this please be the final straw? Fellows of Harvard College, don't you realize that your own reputations, as well as Harvard's, are on the line if you continue to keep this little club together?"

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Wall $treet Lucky $tar Hall of Fame: American CEOs

Today we will induct CEOs of American publicly traded companies into our Wall $treet Lucky $tar Hall of Fame.

As reported in this Associated Press video, CEO pay exceeds pre-recession level - while millions of Americans are unemployed, homeless, have no healthcare, have no more pensions, etc.

Wall $treet Lucky $tar Hall of Fame: Geithner's Bank Bailout "Shell Game" (videos)

Check out why I think Tim Geithner and his bank bailout "shell game" deserve to be inducted into the Wall $treet Lucky $tar Hall of Fame.

Wall $treet Lucky $tar Hall of Fame

Some days it is too exhausting and time consuming to even think about how Wall Street bankers brought the world to the brink of economic disaster, got bailed out by the U.S. taxpayers, used this bailout money to pay themselves big bonuses and returned to business as usual. On the days when I am too busy to discuss Wall Street, I just shrug my shoulders and say "you know these bankers are just LUCKY!"

I've decided that instead of getting mad at these lucky bankers, it's best to have a little fun with them. So now I try to envision them singing and dancing to Madonna's song - "Lucky Star." Each week I will blog about some of these Wall Street bankers and will induct them into our Wall $treet Lucky $tar Hall of Fame.