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FundSeeder: Helps Traders Manage Money Professionally

FundSeeder’s online technology enables you to: 

  • Establish a broker-verified track record at no cost 
  • Access performance metrics to analyze and improve your trading
  • Compare yourself statistically against other traders around the globe 
  • Become properly registered and thereby eligible for referrals to institutional and qualified high-net-worth investors seeking to hire trading talent 
  • Use FundSeeder’s turnkey solution to start your own trading business – including legal, accounting and marketing support.

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Scanning System for Stocks, ETFs and Options CEO and founder, Price Headley, shows you how to turn theory into action. He illustrates how to apply his favorite market scanning techniques, as well as offer an insider's look at his unique style of trading based on all vehicles that he trades. This includes instruction on how he utilizes his three favorite technical indicators to scan the markets for the biggest trends. 

Price reviews case studies of recent winners and losers so that you can apply your newfound strategic knowledge to real-time markets and spot the biggest trends and proper entry and exit points within a big trend.

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TradeStation Webinar: Technical Trading for Modern Traders



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TradeStation Webinar - "Trend Trading: The Momentum Edge"

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Robots Are Coming for Wall Street


Last fall, Antony Jenkins, who was dismissed a few months earlier as chief executive of Barclays, the giant British bank, gave a speech in which he said a coming series of ‘‘Uber moments’’ would hit the financial industry.

I predict that the number of branches and people employed in the financial-services sector may decline by as much as 50 percent,’’ Jenkins told the audience. ‘‘Even in a less-harsh scenario, I expect a decline of at least 20 percent.’’ This process could, in at least some cases, help do away with some of the expensive bloat in the financial system, providing more transparent services with fewer hidden fees. It could also be seen as a satisfying blow against the titans of an industry that only recently almost crashed the world economy. But so far the burden of job losses is stopping just short of the executive suites, even as the gains in efficiency are worsening already troubling levels of income inequality.

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Retail "Supertrader" Karen makes $105 Million Profit Trading Options on 3 Indices

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Why Trader Nav Sarao Had To Be Destroyed: He Found A Way To Beat The HFTs At Their Own Game


by Tyler Durden

And while the world wonders how it is that (HFT firm) Virtu can have 6 years of trading with just one trading day lossSarao not only figured out how to outmanipulate the manipulators, but how to profit from it.

....Sarao continued:


ICE : The iceberg function on the CME isn't adequate for me, I hardly ever use it because it puts me at the back of the queue all the time. Hence, 2,000 needs to trade to get me out of 800 lots for example, My iceberg function is placed at a price and as soon as it is bid/offered at the price the iceberg will take all contracts at the price up to and including the number of my order. Again, there is a minimum volume box, so for example 1 can put 50 into it and put a sell ICE of 1,000 and then at that price every time the bid is more than 50, the ICE wilt take all contracts out until 1,000 is traded. This is a good way of catching spoofers, and et voila I can trade 1.000 lots at one price (following on from the above example),


The other orders I sometimes place during the day are slightly away from the market price and move up and down as the market moves with It. This Is to catch any blips up/down in the market so that I can make a small profit as the market comes back into line (almost immediately). These orders are placed rarely and only when I believe the market Is excessively weak or strong. Again, this was inspired by other traders I could see doing the exact same thing.


I am a member of the CME.

Alas, not any more, for one simple reason: you showed the broken system that it can be beaten, and explained how.

As a result, the only response the broken system had was to put you away for good.

Oh and as for the actual question whether Nav Sarao caused the Flash Crash, the answer is: of course not.

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"Bulls and Bears" (Trading Documentary)

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