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Robot Traders

Recently I boasted about one of my nephews at robotics camp.  Shortly thereafter, I told a friend of mine that now all I need to do is to teach my nephew how to trade options so that he can program his robot to make us some money. 

According to many experts this is not such a far-fetched idea. Robots are allowed to trade money.

One of my brilliant nephews at robotics camp...


The instructor said my tiny nephew programmed the robot with voice commands to tell his own stories.  My, camp sure has changed since I used to attend.  LOL!

MIT Tech Review: AI-Powered Hedge Funds


At an important academic event for AI researchers, the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), held in Montreal last December, several thousand academic and industry researchers gathered to discuss progress in developing new machine-learning algorithms. In an area reserved for poster presentations by graduate students, big tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, had paid to set up recruitment tables, hoping to lure the hottest new talent to come work for them. But almost half of the companies recruiting at NIPS were not tech companies at all but hedge funds and financial firms.

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NASA Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion: 30 years ago (1/28/86)

I had the honor and the pleasure to get to know Dr. Ronald McNair.  He was one of the reasons I applied to the astronaut program.  May he and the other Challenger 7 astronauts rest in peace.

Forbes: Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Automatic Spying Can't Be Stopped


Speaking to PC World, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore explained that Windows 10 is constantly tracking how it operates and how you are using it and sending that information back to Microsoft by default. More importantly he also confirmed that, despite offering some options to turn elements of tracking off, core data collection simply cannot be stopped:


“In the cases where we’ve not provided options, we feel that those things have to do with the health of the system,” he said. “In the case of knowing that our system that we’ve created is crashing, or is having serious performance problems, we view that as so helpful to the ecosystem and so not an issue of personal privacy, that today we collect that data so that we make that experience better for everyone.”


This backs up detailed data that some had chosen to dismiss as conspiracy theories.


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NerdWallet's Carlton Robinson




NerdWallet Head of Finance and IT, Carlton Robinson, shares how Oracle ERP Cloud is helping the fast-growing financial services company scale and grow, and attract new finance talent.

On a personal note, Carlton is a good friend of one of my brothers.  He is on a roll in Silicon Valley - having already sold one company to Intuit for hundreds of millions of dollars!

Should Educators be Replaced with Robots?


Robots have become an intricate part of our lives, so it’s no surprise that they are now being  prepared to enter the classrooms as educators.  

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REPORT: No Shortage of Hi-Tech Workers in the U.S.


What STEM Shortage? 
The sector isn’t seeing wage growth and has more graduates than jobs. 


Courtesy of one of my nephews...


Microsoft's Internet Explorer Users Risk Having Their Computers Taken Over


A major security flaw affecting several versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser was discovered over the weekend, and the percentage of computer users that could be compromised by the exploit is absolutely staggering.

Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corp. announced on Saturday that Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 are all vulnerable to a glitch that when properly exploited can give hackers remote access to a victim’s computer.

When combined, versions nine through 11 of the browser accounted for 26.25 percent of all web traffic in 2013, security firm FireEye claimed over the weekend. If all vulnerable versions are accounted for, however, then upwards of 56 percent of the browsers currently in use around the world are reportedly in danger of being exploited.

A person with knowledge of the vulnerability may create a fake website that, when visited, allows the hacker to exploit the bug and break into their target’s machine, Microsoft warned.

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