10 Corporations Control Almost Everything We Buy (Chart)


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Reuters Poll: 91% Americans Oppose Attacking Syria



America is most likely going to war with Syria this week in what would be history’s most unpopular war yet. According to Reuters, Americans adamantly oppose Syrian intervention with only 9 percent believing Obama should attack the nation.

The poll reveals Americans would be more inclined to support the war if provided actual facts indicating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did in fact use chemical weapons against his people.

Here's a thought: How about the 9% who believe this is the "right" thing to do go over to Syria and fight.  Leave the remaining 91% out of it.


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WSJ: Data Crunchers Now the Cool Kids on Campus

On campuses, at cocktail parties and in American corporations, statisticians are walking a bit taller these days.

The explosive growth in data available to businesses and researchers has brought a surge in demand for people able to interpret and apply the vast new swaths of information, from the analysis of high-resolution medical images to improving the results of Internet search engines.

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World's Healthiest Countries: Singapore #1

Miami Heatwave: Miami Beats Boston & Heads to NBA Finals

Congratulations Miami Heat!

Also, a hat tip to the Boston Celtics. You guys hung tough too!

Miami Heat 101

Boston Celtics 88

CBS News: Half of Recent U.S. College Graduates Are Unemployed or Underemployed

An analysis of U.S. Labor Department data conducted for The Associated Press shows half of young college graduates with bachelor’s degrees are either unemployed or underemployed in positions that don’t fully use their skills and knowledge.

Hmmm..., America has the nerve to talk about how bad things are in Greece!

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Kenyans Sweep Boston Marathon --- AGAIN!

CIA.gov: How Big Are Africa & China?

Fuzzy U.S. Employment Statistics

Lots of Jobs in "Big Data"

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