Origin of Franchising: Beauty & Religion (video)

One of the most successful business models is the franchise, but it didn't originate with McDonald's.

Sir Harold Evans describes the remarkable story of a beauty salon that allowed hundreds of women to own their own businesses.

LittleBanc: Serial Entrepreneur Says Keys to Success are Persistence and Flexibility

Words of wisdom from a successful serial entrepreneur - Dr. Zee Aganovic - the founder of Hiconversion, a conversion rate optimization (CRO) software that lets both small and large internet retailers convert a higher percentage of existing web traffic to more leads and online sales.

Entrepreneurs: How to Perfect the "Elevator Pitch" (videos)

You never know when a good elevator pitch may come in handy!

Banks Reach Out to Small Businesses

Healthy, profitable U.S. banks say they are ready, willing and able to rev up small-business lending.

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Venture Capital for Intellectual Property (video)

Advice from both sides of the venture capital table.

Venture Capitalist Bill Draper: Top 10 Avoidable Mistakes Of Entrepreneurs

Venture capitalist Bill Draper offers some advice based on his 50+ years of experience in the hope that at least some entrepreneurs will take some of his prescriptions to heart and maybe make their avoidable mistakes less costly.

U.S. Ex-Im Bank to Increase Small-Business Loans

The U.S. Export-Import Bank announced a plan Thursday to spur exports by increasing small-business loans to $6 billion this year and $9 billion a year by 2015.

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VC Fred Wilson: What To Do When Investors Are Throwing Money At You

Words of wisdom from Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson.

Entrepreneurs Look To "Venture Banks" For Cash

Square 1 Financial is one of several startup-friendly lenders that are trying to help small companies acquire venture capital in the hope that they'll continue to use the bank's services as they grow.

"We can help the startups with introductions to VCs that we know are relevant to them, their sector, their geography and their stage," says Gerald Brady, who directs the Accelerator Program at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the largest venture bank in the US.

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Wall Street Journal: 10 Reasons to Start a Business in 2011

1. You'll never get laid off again.

2. You can stop asking your boss for a raise and give yourself one.

3. You can write off that new laptop, BlackBerry, iPad or printer.


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