17 Mathematical Equations that Changed the World!

In my really geeky days, I used to wear a t-shirt with Maxwell's equations on the front side. LOL!

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Bloomberg: "House of Math" Penthouse in NYC


Architect David Hotson gives Bloomberg Pursuits magazine a tour of the House of Math apartment. 


To help Hotson along, his mathematically minded client sent him his dissertation, about an algorithm capable of discerning the structure underpinning complex sequences of symbols: a Bach partita, a human genome, a sonnet.

It turns out that if you feed in enough data, a computer can deduce the principles of counterpoint, heredity and Elizabethan verse. Hotson similarly used raw computing power  and a 3-D laser scan of the unfinished space  to render a design that previous generations could hardly have visualized, let alone built.

The best part of the house, by far, sounds like the 4-story stainless steel slide that lets riders out near the dining room table. It was installed in two separate pieces, before there were walls or floors.

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Kid Calls Police (911) for Math Help!

Thanks for Your Vote to Help Phat Math Qualify for a Chase Grant

Fun Teaching Moments: Musical Instruments for Kids

Several of my friends laughed when I told them I bought musical instruments for my youngest nephews - ages 2, 5, and 6.

I bought them a tambourine, maracas, bongos and a xylophone. We are going to start a kiddie band this Christmas. BTW, I bought ear plugs for their parents! LOL!

After some thought, one of my friends emailed: "Musical instruments, you gave me an idea... those kids have everything these days.. it's so hard to find something original to buy for them."

I replied: "You can't go wrong with musical instruments. I ordered inexpensive kids' versions via You can teach lots of things with music - math (fractions, counting, etc.), discipline, fun, team work, etc. I know this from personal experience - having played musical instruments since 5th grade."

If you can't afford to buy the musical instruments, you can try making some - a bongo for example. You can make your own. There are instructions on the internet.

Happy holidays!

Miss USA 2011: Should Math Be Taught In Schools? (video)

I am assuming this is a joke. Right?

Otherwise, America is in big trouble!

Some Tutors Treated Like Celebrities in Hong Kong (video)

With their glamorous photographs splashed across Hong Kong billboards, celebrity tutors enjoy a near cult-like status - and millionaire lifestyles - in the exam-obsessed city.

PhatMath Included in "25 Useful Networking Sites for Grad Students"

The math edutainment social network PhatMath has been included in the 25 Useful Networking Sites for Grad Students.

This list also includes some heavyweights - linkedin, facebook, twitter, plaxo, youtube, etc.

Mastery-Based Learning (video)

Is this the classroom of the future?

Iris Mack on Huffington Post: "Outside the U.S., Math Isn't Just for Boys"

I hope you enjoy my recent article on Huffington Post.

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