Wall Street Journal: Congress' Phony Insider-Trading Reform (video)

The denizens of Capitol Hall are "remarkable investors". A new law meant to curb abuses would only make their insider trading shenanigans easier.

Time to throw them all out!

CBS News: U.S. Congress Has "Legal" Insider Trading Racket (video)

CBS aired a report last night about congressional insider trading, based on a new book by Peter Schweizer of the Hoover Institution. The allegations are pretty lurid.

Former Goldman Sachs Director Charged With Insider Trading (video)

This guy reminds me of comedian Jay Leno's stupid criminals jokes!

Insider Trading Legal Defense: Tortured Love Affair?

Danielle S. Chiesi, the former beauty queen turned convicted Wall Street trader, deserves a light prison sentence because her crimes were the result of a tortured love affair with her boss, her lawyers said.

Say what? Come again?

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A Trader, an F.B.I. Witness, and Then a Suicide

Dealbook reports the following on the government's insider trading investigations:

In a Manhattan courtroom last week, federal prosecutors played for a jury a secretly recorded telephone conversation between two Wall Street traders exchanging stock tips.

Two days later, one of those traders, Ephraim G. Karpel, hanged himself in his Fifth Avenue office, according to a law enforcement official.

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Insider Trading: "Fox in Henhouse" At NASDAQ Guilty (video)

This NASDAQ guy reminds me of comedian Jay Leno's "stupid criminals" series!

Former Nasdaq Executive Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading (diagram)

A former Nasdaq Stock Market official who was entrusted by top corporate executives with sensitive details about their companies secretly traded on the information from his work computer to net more than $750,000 in illegal profits.

U.S. to Announce Charges in Insider Trading Case

U.S. officials will unseal charges against three hedge-fund portfolio managers and a technology analyst in a large insider trading probe, prosecutors said.

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Former Citigroup Hedge Fund Manager Ensnared in U.S. Insider Trading Probe

The Wall Street Journal reports that a former Citigroup hedge-fund manager has been drawn into the U.S. government's insider-trading investigation as a co-conspirator in the case, and his firm has been raided by FBI agents. The hedge-fund manager is Samir Barai - the founder of New York-based Barai Capital Management.

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California Woman Is Latest Charged in Insider Probe

U.S. authorities unveiled charges against a California technology consultant alleging she provided inside information on public companies, and also revealed the first guilty plea by a hedge-fund employee in an insider-trading investigation.

The California woman, Winifred Jiau, was paid more than $200,000 for providing hedge funds with nonpublic information about companies, including Nvidia Corp. and Marvell Technology Group Ltd. through her work for an "expert-network" firm, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday.

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