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Goldman Sachs Could be Sued for Using Derivatives to Help Greece Hide Debts When it Joined the Euro

(The Independent UK) Goldman Sachs faces the prospect of potential legal action from Greece over the complex financial deals in 2001 that many blame for its subsequent debt crisis.

A leading adviser to debt-riven countries has offered to help Athens recover some of the vast profits made by the investment bank.

The Independent has learnt that a former Goldman banker, who has advised indebted governments on recovering losses made from complex transactions with banks, has written to the Greek government to advise that it has a chance of clawing back some of the hundreds of millions of dollars it paid Goldman to secure its position in the single currency.

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(Irish Examiner) There are two indelibly weaved strands of information highly relevant to the current standoff playing out between Greece and its creditors but which the mainstream European media isn’t currently allocating much room to the discussion of.

These are the degree to which Goldman Sachs is responsible for Greece’s current woes and the highly indebted status of Deutsche Bank...

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