Bloodbath at Halliburton: Internal Memo & Sources Warn Up To 20,000 More Layoffs Coming


According to an employee memo, additional layoffs are underway at Halliburton, with the majority of the reductions taking place in North America.  Halliburton has already cut 14,000 jobs since its peak last year.  This new round of layoffs could number into the 20,000 range.

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Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan: Oil Wars


Global Layoffs from the Oil and Gas industry are nearing 200,000

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China Intends to Oust Dollar from Oil Trade

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Bloodbath in the Energy Markets!


Due to crashing oil prices, thousands of folks are losing their jobs.  Today a colleague of mine got laid off from an energy firm.  This energy engineer told me that the day before he got his pink slip his boss told him that he'd done an "outstanding" job during his tenure with the firm.  I thought, hmm..., is this a new HR strategy? Prop the employee up before the big letdown!  So, to try to cheer the poor guy up, I emailed him the song "Outstanding" by The Gap Band!

50,000+ Energy Job Losses in Past 3 Months


oil crash

A prolonged period of weak oil prices is expected to result in additional energy sector job losses, as the industry fails to overcome profitability concerns due to oversupply.

That’s the takeaway from a Wall Street Journal story that points to nearly 50,000 energy job losses in the past three months, according to Graves & Co., a Houston energy consultancy. 

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Beheading, Explosion at U.S.-owned Gas Plant in France

More madness - this time at Air Products gas and chemical plant.  Please read more here.

BP Report: Map tracking oil trade flows around the world


In its new Statistical Review of World Energy 2015 report, BP included a map tracking oil trade flows around the world.

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Here’s Where You’ll Find All Of America’s Oil And Gas Jobs


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Energy: Oldest Working Nurse in U.S. Turns 90 & Still Going Strong!


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