"Wolf of Wall Street" ending - "Cast Your Fate to the Wind"

I had the "Wolf of Wall Street" movie playing while grading final exams, projects and trading competitions.  It was a long, crazy, exhausting movie to watch - almost 3 hours long.  My biggest surprise was the really nice music at the end of the movie - "Cast Your Fate to the Wind". My dad used to play this song when I was a kid. 

Happy Halloween: Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Brass-A-Holics Band in New Orleans

Just another day in New Orleans - amazing live music all over the streets!

An Amazing New Orleans Jazz & Blues Musician - Doreen Ketchens

Wow, she just destroyed that clarinet. And her voice!

Please learn more about Ms. Ketchens here.

Jerry Maguire: "Help Me, Help You"...

Return of the Mack

Pharrell's "Happy": Viola Cover by Jeremy Green

Mr. Bobby Caldwell

A friend of mine just told me that I used to walk around U.C. Berkeley's math department singing this Bobby Caldwell song. I guess I was in my own little math geeky world - oblivious to the fact that I was disturbing the peace. LOL!

Bobby Caldwell has what is known as blue-eyed soul. Enjoy!

More R&B from Asia - especially for Luther Vandross' fans!

R&B...from Asia

This link takes you to a beautiful rendition of "I Care About You"  -  sung by the young men in the photo above.
Here's the original version of this song.

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