More R&B from Asia - especially for Luther Vandross' fans!

R&B...from Asia

This link takes you to a beautiful rendition of "I Care About You"  -  sung by the young men in the photo above.
Here's the original version of this song.

Satchmo Jazz Fest in New Orleans

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The Mad Violinist: Ashanti Floyd

"Smoking Time Jazz Club" in New Orleans' French Quarter


Songs in the order of appearance:
-Everybody Loves My Baby (1924 Spencer Williams, Jack Palmer)
-Dinah (1925 Harry Akst, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young)
-Little Coquette (1928 Carmen Lombardo, John W. Green, Gus Kahn)
-Me, Myself and I (1937 Irving Gordon, Allen Roberts, Allen S. Kaufman)
-Shake That Thing (Papa Charlie Jackson)
-I Can't Dance (I Got Ants in My Pants) (Charlie Gaines and Clarence Williams)

John "JJ" Joyce - band leader, vocals
Bots - trumpet
Christopher Johnson - alto sax
Satoru Ohashi - trumpet, trombone
Djordje Stijepovic - bullfiddle bass
Casey MacGill (Blue 4) - ukelele, vocals
Blu Beverage - banjo
Sean Clark -: drums

Chance Bushman - vocals, swing and tap dance
Giselle Anguizola - swing dance
Ron Freund - tap shoes

"College Fund Band" in New Orleans' French Quarter


A band of young jazz players, the oldest of which could not have been a day over 16. Some serious raw talent on the streets of New Orleans.

Grammy Award Winning "Rebirth Brass Band" from New Orleans

The Rebirth Brass Band is a New Orleans brass band.  Rebirth is known for combining traditional New Orleans brass band music, including the New Orleans tradition of second line with funkjazzsoul and hip hop.

Dance India Dance: 7 y.o. does Michael Jackson

Louis Armstrong: "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans"

Larry Summers Rocking to Pharrell's "Happy"

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