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Stevie Wonder in New Orleans (3/24/15)


Superstition / You've Got It Bad Girl - cover art

Please see more details here.

Elton John Will Perform at the 2015 New Orleans Jazz Fest

Please see more on the New Orleans Jazz Fest here and here.

Michael Jackson: "You Are Not Alone" (Munich, 1997)

One of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. Also, I like this video more than the original promotional video.  While watching it I thought the fan was going to choke him to death. I kept thinking, stop choking the man and let him sing. LOL!

Texas teacher, students create incredible "Uptown Funk" viral video

A Texas teacher got his students up and on their feet with a unique project that has now gone viral!

Theater director Scot Pankey is the hip-shaking teacher dancing to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” with his students.

Mr. Pankey reminds me of my high school band teacher - so cool!

Mardi Gras Countdown


I had family and friends over to my place for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They had so much fun they assumed mine was the place to be for New Year's eve too.  I'm like enough already. This is not party central. LOL!

Seriously though, folks in New Orleans are unable to "recover" from holiday festivities like most people do in other places.  They are now getting ready for the mother of all holidays - MARDI GRAS

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

"Wolf of Wall Street" ending - "Cast Your Fate to the Wind"

I had the "Wolf of Wall Street" movie playing while grading final exams, projects and trading competitions.  It was a long, crazy, exhausting movie to watch - almost 3 hours long.  My biggest surprise was the really nice music at the end of the movie - "Cast Your Fate to the Wind". My dad used to play this song when I was a kid. 

Happy Halloween: Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Brass-A-Holics Band in New Orleans

Just another day in New Orleans - amazing live music all over the streets!

An Amazing New Orleans Jazz & Blues Musician - Doreen Ketchens

Wow, she just destroyed that clarinet. And her voice!

Please learn more about Ms. Ketchens here.

Jerry Maguire: "Help Me, Help You"...

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