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Happy July 4th Holiday Weekend!

This is the most beautiful rendition of "America the Beautiful" I've ever heard.  It is performed by Hillsdale College's choir.
The cute photo is courtesy of History.com.
Have a safe and happy July 4th!

The Financial Crisis & Public Debts Explained In Detail

This video breaks down how fiat money is "created" out of thin air in a global financial "pyramid" scheme.  

Prior to Edward Snowden's revelations many would have found some of the topics discussed in this video to be preposterous. 

Hmmmm...., what say they now?

Donald Trump: Current U.S. politicians are "losers"!

Recently U.S. businessman and billionaire Donald Trump announced that he was running for U.S. president in the 2016 election.

He doesn't have too many kind words to say about the current U.S. politicians - referring to them as "losers".  In addition, Mr. Trump says the American dream is dead!

Check him out here.


(Irish Examiner) There are two indelibly weaved strands of information highly relevant to the current standoff playing out between Greece and its creditors but which the mainstream European media isn’t currently allocating much room to the discussion of.

These are the degree to which Goldman Sachs is responsible for Greece’s current woes and the highly indebted status of Deutsche Bank...

Please read more here.

American Express: "Aretha Franklin’s Journey - Quiet Kid to Queen of Soul"


Beheading, Explosion at U.S.-owned Gas Plant in France

More madness - this time at Air Products gas and chemical plant.  Please read more here.

London Guardian: Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

Privacy campaigners and open source developers are up in arms over the secret installing of Google software which is capable of listening in on conversations held in front of a computer.

First spotted by open source developers, the Chromium browser – the open source basis for Google’s Chrome – began remotely installing audio-snooping code that was capable of listening to users.

It was designed to support Chrome’s new “OK, Google” hotword detection – which makes the computer respond when you talk to it – but was installed, and, some users have claimed, it is activated on computers without their permission.

Please read more here.

Happy Father's Day!


Shoutout to all the fathers all around the world - especially to our brothers in Charleston, South Carolina!

Wall Street Journal: "A Bow to Charleston"

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan writes a really moving article about the massacre of nine innocent churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina.  

May they rest in peace...

Should Educators be Replaced with Robots?


Robots have become an intricate part of our lives, so it’s no surprise that they are now being  prepared to enter the classrooms as educators.  

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