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Why Sub Prime Morgages Blew Up

Apparently your brain is wired up that way. Link

The Infinity Fund

I recently was at a CQF lecture where Bill Ziemba gave us a good overview of how you measure the quality of fund managers and talked of how great "long term" investors like Keynes and the Ford foundation got good returns and low variance for decades.

But what if you had 1-10 bilion and wanted to create a fund that lasted forever, or at least centuries ?

Ed Thorp has created strong rules governing the management of his sponsorship of maths at Princeton, but it's "only" a million dollars, and would it really last centuries ?

Mrs DCFC got one of the scholarships created by a very rich English businessman for smart people at Oxford, with which she bought my wedding ring. Lovely thought, but it wouldn't even have paid the rent on her student digs for a term. Inflation and the vagaries of inflation had taken their cut.

So how do we create a fund for the next thousand years ? Discuss