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Fordham MSQF

I've yet to hear of any of Fordham students who were promised valuable internships as part of their course (and large fee), actually getting one. Indeed I've yet to hear anything because it would appear that the faculty has been "speaking to" the students, and they've gone very quiet, not even responding to messages.
However, the Fordham faculty have apparently decided to be more honest, though one can tell they still want to give the impression that you will get an internship.
They have substituted "project" for "internship", and using language that implies you will get paid for this, which strikes me as more that a little unlikely in general, and dubious given their track record. Their use of the word "at" does not strike me as open handed, since before they received "advice" from the faculty the projects Fordham students got offered were specifically not those that led to a job.

Fordham University MS in Quantitaitve Finance MSQF

We are hearing really bad things about their MSQF, particularly in the matter of being promised internships at the most impressive banks, but not getting them. Internships are of course very valuable, enough that it quite swamps the cost of the Fordham MFE, (38K +$1.5K).
We hear that Fordham is blaming current market conditions, which in its own way is even more damning, since this sort of thing should have been sorted out a long time ago, rather than naively relying upon late applications.
Competition for internships is intense, even in the best of markets, and only someone with no idea about how finance works would think that an unknown programme from a midscale university would command the attention of banks who get many applications for each position.
The fact that Fordham apparently doesn't even bother trying to teach C++ doesn't help, does it ? Of course, they may not have been naive, they may simply have not cared once they got the money.
This may be something of a first for me...
As a headhunter I get lots of people telling me about their MFE, MSQF, MSc, etc. and some of it is not great.
But before I encountered Fordham's MSQF, I avoided using my position to denounce an MFE as a waste of money and time.
This I feel must change.
If you are at Fordham, please feel free to contact me Dominic@PaulDominic.com, so that I can finally decide.

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