The third reason I hate your CV. Your religion.

Some people seem to think I care about their relationship with God. I don't, and nor do the people who might hire you.

Your CV is a list of things for someone to hire you, so the world can be divided into a few overlapping sets.
1: People of a different, hostile religion.
That is pretty much everyone, even if you belong to a relatively common sect.

2: People of a similar religion.
Those who care about religion often are quite specific in what they believe, and can have quite negative views about people who "aren't really like us".

3: The tiny set of people who share your exact views.
I've asked religious people about this, and they say they'd be quite offended if someone thought they would hire them because of a shared religion.

4: People who don't care.
You've just wasted space that could be used for something useful.

Not only do P&D not care about your religion, but our contracts with large firms actually forbid us from telling them because they don't want to be sued. The logic being that you can't claim discrimination if the employer doesn't know.