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The "Just around the Corner" ... readers comments

In an earlier blogs I stated that multi-core PCS were on their way. Here are some readers comments.

// A reader Hi,

I read you blog post regarding muti-threaded computing. The comment is correct in saying that multi threading hardware is already here.

I am now working for a risk software vendor and I'm glad to say that we have an ALM product that can distribute scenario simulations (monte carlo) into several servers and has the ability to utilize several cpu's as well.

As a confirmation on the earlier comment muti-threading is not just around the corner... it is here (both hardware- and software-wise)!

// A reader // Here is some response from a reader I have read you latest blog about multiCPU chips. Small problem - they are not around the corner - they are widely available now. You can buy 2 cpu desktop from Dell for about $800. They have 4 cpu servers available for just little bit more. Both Intel and AMD produce these chips. The big advantage is that they use less power, and therefore require less cooling. The ones from AMD are supposed to have slightly better memory management. The servers come in flat pizza like boxes so you can stack up as many of them as you want. Our Dell rep told us last week that one of their customers is building one that will likely be on the 100 most powerful list.

Have a look at: #26, #27, #28 are what you are talking about in your blog.