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Unified Book Launch Oslo

I am having a small book launch at the House of Litterature (Oslo). My talk will be in Norwegian (only) this evening:

Teori-Boklansering: Unified Revolution: New Fundamental Physics

The Norwegian House of Literature is the largest of its kind in Europe.


What are the ultimate building blocks of everything?

What is time?

Why does Einstein synchronization of clocks lead to a synchronization error? (Poincare suggested same procedure, also he misunderstood several aspects of what could be done)

Why is Einstein's relativity of simultaneity just an apparent effect?

Why must absolute simultaneity be reintroduced?

What exactly is energy, and how is it related to matter?

What is the ultimate origin of memory and intelligence?

What is the true cause of gravity?

Unified Revolution answers these and many more questions.

It is thick

Yes my new book is thick and heavy. As almost all mathematical results are new, I have shown the derivations in detail. Simple mathematics. Some people claimed that my Option Pricing formula book is thick, this is not true, it is thin (see picture). Most things are relative, but far from all.

The first copies (express copies) are now shipped out.

The person on the cover is a caricature of George Francis FitzGerald (first suggesting length contraction). A long series of famous physicists are mentioned in my book, and the designer made wonderful caricature of many of them. (And yes my new book had 3 native English speaking editors, because I only know NorEnglish and math)

What truly counts is naturally the math and how well it stands up against experiments. Many other theories are falsified (mostly they are incomplete and not very deep). Unified Revolution is unlikely to ever be falsified as everything is derived based on the very fundament of reality.

The world is simpler than you think, and also much more wonderful than you think. Simplicity actually causes many more equations, not less equations. On the other hand every single equation now makes sense, it can all 'easily' be explained.

I am standing on the shoulders of Giants, but a few of these true Giants have not been noticed and/or have been ignored. People should not so easily have laughed of (and ignored) the old masters (that often wrote in riddles).

Unified Revolution

Unified Revolution introduces a new fundamental theory of physics, backed up by mathematics and scientific experiments. For the first time in the history of man, a unified theory of space, time, energy, mass, gravity, causality, uncertainty, cosmology, and even memory and intelligence is presented.

Unified Revolution includes several hundred new mathematical results in fundamental physics that have never been published before. Einstein's special theory of relativity only scratches the surface of space and time, and it is replaced through this work by a much more fundamental relativity theory. Einstein’s famous formula, E=Mc^2, is correct, but there are several deeper layers behind this formula that are revealed in this book.

Unified Revolution presents the most powerful scientific theory in human history. It will cause shock waves in the scientific community.

The book has been printed in United Kingdom on superb paper quality, (several hundred color illustrations), hardcover. It is thick and heavy. It will soon be available on and other channels.

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Tweet tweet

I just joined twitter. Will my low activity twittering increase or decrease my low activity blogging? any synergy effects, any non-linear multiplication effects?


The Oldest Book of Time

The oldest book of time need no author.

Only re-written books need authors.

The oldest book of time contains all knowledge.

Knowledge that keep their secrets.

No book is heavier.

No book is thicker.

Still it can easily be carried anywhere.

The oldest book of time has three languages.

Two of them unchanged since the beginning of time.

One of them forever changing, and partly understood by man.

Who is the biggest crank?

People inventing complex mathematical models that are perfectly mathematical correct, but that are based on a series of flawed assumptions that breaks down completely in practice. And yes these models are marketed to practice, some times with disastrous results.

or someone

that invents a machine by trail and error that in practice seems to be able to do what no one though would be possible. The inventor cannot explain exactly why it works. It was build by trail and error (at some point the inventor was “lucky”), like the nature itself often evolves. The few so called scientist that even bother commenting on it claims it must be nonsense because where is the mathematical evidence, where is the scientific theory? They do not even bother looking at such a machine, they have made up their mind.


"It is easy to cram knowledge without limit into one's head, spit it out again in the form of books, and still remain a fool" H. K. 1949

is he pointing to my formula collection? ;-)

I am actually working on a new book, this time I spent years of thinking/meditating then I looked at massive amount of empirical data and wow I think I got an interesting idea that possibly will put me just above a fool or alternatively turn me into a super fool....time will tell. huhh first I have to spit it I need lots of ink...

Winning The Emmy Award

I hope some of you liked the animation "movie" on the CD rom that comes with my new book: Derivatives Models on Models.

It was one of the first animations made by Sebastian Conley. Well one of the voices are mine ;-) The other voices by professional actor and actress, one of them played in Sopranos.

Sebastian Conley just Won The Emmy Award for Outstanding Broadband - General Interest at the 28th Annual Sports EMMY Awards for some of his outstanding animation from some of his most recent work:

Reciving the Emmy Award

He also made the cover of my book and the comic strips in the mid section.

I am happy I worked with him early on ;-)

When first looking for a cartoonist I went through the work of 50 different ones and Sebastian I could see had a extraordinary talent. It always feels good to bet on the Winning horse!

Derivatives Models on Models to printing press

The manuscript goes to printing press tomorrow, I am crossing my fingers.

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