Brexit: UK votes to LEAVE the EU




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Robot Traders

Recently I boasted about one of my nephews at robotics camp.  Shortly thereafter, I told a friend of mine that now all I need to do is to teach my nephew how to trade options so that he can program his robot to make us some money. 

According to many experts this is not such a far-fetched idea. Robots are allowed to trade money.

Brexit The Movie


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Blind African man will blow you away with his vocals & homemade guitar


Also, here you will find another song from this very talented musician.

Happy Father's Day!


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Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen appeared in a 2012 documentary about BP oil spill (VIDEO)

Omar Mateen appeared in a documentary about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico — and was unwittingly caught on camera insulting the people working to clean up the mess.

Mateen’s brief appearance in “The Big Fix” is the first known video footage of the man who would commit the deadliest shooting in modern American history. A hidden camera captured Mateen on the job, working as a guard for the security company G4S.

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One of my brilliant nephews at robotics camp...


The instructor said my tiny nephew programmed the robot with voice commands to tell his own stories.  My, camp sure has changed since I used to attend.  LOL!

FundSeeder: Helps Traders Manage Money Professionally

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Scanning System for Stocks, ETFs and Options CEO and founder, Price Headley, shows you how to turn theory into action. He illustrates how to apply his favorite market scanning techniques, as well as offer an insider's look at his unique style of trading based on all vehicles that he trades. This includes instruction on how he utilizes his three favorite technical indicators to scan the markets for the biggest trends. 

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OptionStation Pro: Position Graphs

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