Greece rocked by reports of secret plan to raid banks...

(The Guardian UK)  Some members of Greece’s leftist-led government wanted to raid central bank reserves and hack taxpayer accounts to prepare a return to the drachma, according to reports that highlighted the chaos in the ruling Syriza party.

It is not clear how seriously the government considered the plans, attributed to former energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis and ex-finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. Lafazanis was sacked from his post and Varoufakis resigned earlier this month. However, the revelations have been seized on by opposition parties who are demanding an explanation.

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Military Veteran to Obama: “Step Up or Step Down”

A U.S. Marine veteran unleashed his anger at President Barack Obama in a direct video message that quickly went viral.

The unnamed Marine, a resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee, first took Obama to task for his response to the deaths of five servicemen in a terrorist attack in the city.

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U.S.A. Wins Mathematics Olympiad For First Time In 21 Years!!!

Head coach Po-Shen Loh (far left) and assistant coaches John Berman and Alex Zhai (far right) flank the members of the winning squad: Shyam Narayanan, David Stoner, Michael Kural, Ryan Alweiss, Yang Liu and Allen Liu.

Head coach Po-Shen Loh (far left) and assistant coaches John Berman

and Alex Zhai (far right) flank the members of the winning squad:

Shyam Narayanan, David Stoner, Michael Kural, Ryan Alweiss,

Yang Liu and Allen Liu.

Courtesy of Po-Shen Loh

(NPR) In one of this year's most intense international competitions, the United States has come out as best in the world — and this time, we're not talking about soccer.


This week, the top-ranked math students from high schools around the country went head-to-head with competitors from more than 100 countries at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And, for the first time in more than two decades, they won!

What a great achievement.  Kudos to these young mathematicians!

New Orleans Jazz Funeral: Riding to the Cemetery on a Coffin!

(New Orleans Advocate) For 132 years, Charbonnet-Labat-Glapion Funeral Home has made a name for itself in the Treme neighborhood by ensuring that families — even those who weren’t sure how they could pay for it — saw their loved ones buried in style.

On Monday, the family-owned institution laid to rest one of its own, sending off co-owner Armand Charbonnet with a church service and jazz funeral that resounded with the traditions his own career helped carry forward for generations....

Just one more reason I LOVE my hometown Nawlins!  LOL!

Trumpet Great Miles Davis (Tokyo, Japan)

After my hometown New Orleans of course, I think Tokyo has the best jazz clubs in the world!


PEHub's Jobs of the week: Goldman Sachs, Pimco, HarbourVest and Bainbridge are hiring




Some interesting jobs leads just in from the private equity newsletter PE HUB... 

Police: Woman Blames Obama For Counterfeiting Money



A woman reportedly told police she was counterfeiting money because she read online that President Barack Obama created a new law stating that people can start printing their own money...

“I don’t give a ****, all these other b****** get to print money, so I can too,” she reportedly told police when she was arrested.

Please read more about this hilarious story here. LOL!

Goldman Sachs Could be Sued for Using Derivatives to Help Greece Hide Debts When it Joined the Euro

(The Independent UK) Goldman Sachs faces the prospect of potential legal action from Greece over the complex financial deals in 2001 that many blame for its subsequent debt crisis.

A leading adviser to debt-riven countries has offered to help Athens recover some of the vast profits made by the investment bank.

The Independent has learnt that a former Goldman banker, who has advised indebted governments on recovering losses made from complex transactions with banks, has written to the Greek government to advise that it has a chance of clawing back some of the hundreds of millions of dollars it paid Goldman to secure its position in the single currency.

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Utter Desperation: Chinese Police Vow To Arrest "Malicious Short Sellers"

I didn't sell. I swear I didn't!!!!


(ZeroHedgeIn what can only be described as total and utter desperation, China's Public Security Ministry and China Securities Regulatory Commission arediscussing a plan to take action against "hostile short sellers"... (via Google Translate)


[ Ministry of Public Security in conjunction with the recent Commission investigation of malicious short stock and stock index clues ] correspondent was informed on the 9th morning , Vice Minister of Public Security Meng Qingfeng led to the Commission , in conjunction with the recent Commission investigation of malicious short stock and stock index clues show regulatory authorities to the operation of heavy combat illegal activities .


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Happy July 4th Holiday Weekend!

This is the most beautiful rendition of "America the Beautiful" I've ever heard.  It is performed by Hillsdale College's choir.
The cute photo is courtesy of
Have a safe and happy July 4th!

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