Marvin Gaye: "War is NOT the answer...."


Mr. Mac's math class is not your typical math class!

Now what a cool math teacher!  Please learn more about Mr. Mac here.

Thanksgiving Greetings


New Orleanian Louis Armstrong - aka "Satchmo"!

Jazz Funeral for New Orleans Music Legend Allen Toussaint

What a great sendoff for Mr. Toussaint!  Even New Orleans' mayor is there - doing the second line!

Chinese Yuan Could Ultimately Replace U. S. Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

On Friday, International Monetary Fund Director Christine Lagarde basically green-lighted the proposal to add the Chinese yuan to the IMF's Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies. Peter Schiff told RT's Boom Bust that this is just another step in the direction of China surpassing the United States as an economic power. Ultimately, Peter believes China could back its yuan with the gold reserves it has been stealthily amassing and present its currency as a stabler alternative to the US dollar.

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From New Orleans to Paris: Paix Être Avec Vous

Russia Launches Crude Oil Benchmark to End Dependence on Dollar, Brent


In November, Russia is set to launch test trading of its new domestic-produced benchmark oil. It is expected to drive up the price for Russian oil and end its dependence on Brent pricing. That may result in trading Russian oil in rubles.

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Wolf of Wall Street: 10 hours of Hip Hop Hooray

Ten hours of one of the coolest songs ever: Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty by Nature!

American Banking & Market News: Math = CASH!!


The American Banking & Market News, along with a few other news sources, published an article I wrote about lucrative careers that require strong mathematical skills.  

You may find the full article here and here.  Thanks!

Veterans Day Tribute

Cost of U.S. Wars Since 2001

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