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How I Successfully Forecast The Results Of The UK General Election 2015
Paul Wilmott 2135 Views
Brought to you by Wilmott.com and the CQF Institute, Dr. Paul Wilmott talked about how he applied elementary quantitative finance techniques in the run up to the UK General Election 2015 to successfully predict the next government.
Comparisons are made between elections and derivatives valuation, and this allows forecasting pitfalls to be avoided, pitfalls that most, if not all, professional forecasters fell into. The results were thus far better than those made by said professionals.
Finance Focus Recording With Andreas Binder - Can You Feel the Heat? Inverse Problems in Finance
Andreas Binder - Sponsored by UnRisk, d-fine and 7city 2315 Views

Calibration - or parameter identification - in computational finance is an inverse problem, which is typically ill-posed in the sense of Hadamard, this means that arbitrarily small perturbations or noise in the data may lead to arbitrarily large changes in model parameters if this type of problem is not handled carefully. We describe some model problems from engineering applications and from finance and show the common difficulties. We present the basic (and some advanced) concepts of regularization techniques like Tikhonov regularization or Landweber iteration. Examples show the key features of regularization and its limitations.

Sponsored by UnRisk, www.unriskderivatives.com, d-fine, www.d-fine.co.uk, and 7city,  www.7city.com.

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